Birds fly...Men Drink
Founded December 16, 1959
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

What we do

           To further our cause, we present two anti-aviation awards at our annual meeting, held on December 16, at Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers didn't make their first flight.  The Orville Proxmire Award (named for a mythical politician famous for shooting down military airplanes) is given to some public person who has helped prove our point.  Recent recipients have included the last four presidents.  To a man they ignored us.
          Our Aviation Hall of Infamy Award is presented to some aviation goof-off who, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, has done the least for aviation, or the most to further our objectives.  In recent years this honor has gone to "Right Stuff" Chuck Yeager, who has publicly apologized for breaking the sound barrier, and snoopy, who has shot down more Sopwith Camels than were ever built.
          Much of our effort is devoted to our new project of building an Invisible Museum for UFOs, and our chapters are busily engaged in their own things.  The White Knuckle Chapter (Austin) is researching the octane rating of chili gas, in case someone does invent the airplane.  The Fly Wrights (Dayton) continue to recycle airplanes into beer cans.  The Hot Air Chapter (Albuquerque) is still trying to float a balloon around the world from east to west.
          The Serious Folk (we sometimes call them "adults") gather each December 17th to commemorate the so-called "First Flight" anniversary.  Some of our own 5,000 members convene the previous evening (every December 16th ) to combat propaganda emanating from that group.